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How To Make A Pie Chart In Microsoft Excel?

How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel?

MS Office software program is which includes many packages like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. Every software program makes the paintings of the employer less tough and faster. This software program can be easily set up thru www.Office.Com/setup. Here we talk approximately a manner to create a Pie chart in MS Excel the usage of Excel Chart Wizard.

Short Guide of creating Pie Chart in MS Excel:

Here you will recognize a way to create a pie chart in MS Excel but in case you do no longer recognize nicely then go to the net web site office.Com/setup .

Enter the Pie Chart Data: It does now not rely what shape of chart you want to create. First you need to create the Excel chart after which input the records into the worksheet.
Select the pie chart data: First of all with the mouse, highlight the cells which contain the data which you need to embody into the graph. Now use the keyboard, you want to click on the top left of the graph records. After this, keep down the shift key. Now use the arrow keys, to select the records it is to be included inside the pie chart.
Start the Chart Wizard: For starting the Excel Chart Wizard, you want to click on on on the Chart Wizard icon on the same old toolbar. Now click on Insert after which Chart inside the menu.
The Excel Chart Wizard: First you need to choose the Pie Chart Type in the left hand pane. Then choose out the Pie with a three D visual impact chart. After this click on on Next.
Preview your Chart: First of all pick out your records, earlier than beginning the Excel chart wizard. Then to your Spreadsheet, the statistics has been included inside the chart and it is surrounded thru the marching ants. There is a energetic black border spherical your information. Below the preview window, there is a area containing the cellular references of the facts range. Make certain you pick out the proper facts range inside the spreadsheet.
Customize your Chart: For customizing your chart, click on on at the Titles tab which is at the pinnacle of the chart wizard conversation area. Now in chart name container, you need to kind the name. After this click at the data labels tab that is on the pinnacle of the chart wizard conversation container. Now inside the label contains section click on on the percentage option. If the chart in the preview window looks proper then click on on Next.
Choose in which your chart want to go: Here you click at the radio button to region the chart as an item in Sheet 1 and click on on finish. Your pie chart is created.
Add shade to the Pie chart: Change the background color of the chart. For this, right click on with the mouse anywhere at the white historic past to open the drop down menu. Now click on the Format Chart Area to open the Format Chart Area conversation subject. Then click on on at the pattern tab, to pick the colour. At final click on on OK.
If you’ve got any kind of hassle in growing the Pie Chart then you can go to to the official internet site of Office.Com/setup. Or you may contact to the customer care for Microsoft Office account and assistance.

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